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Individualized Holistic Medical Care

  • The current healthcare system is designed to treat urgent medical problems, also known as acute conditions. Chronic lifestyle-related diseases and issues cannot be treated successfully using the same approach. This is where an individualized plan comes into play.
  • Through active discussion between the Doctor and the Patient a plan is developed which takes into account the Patient’s environment and lifestyle choices and how they interact with the Patient’s specific genetics.
  • Instead of the Doctor dictating what the Patient should or should not do, our model brings the Doctor and the Patient together as a team creating a plan the Patient fully participates in developing This leads to much higher long-term success.

Athletic Performance and Sports Optimization

  • Peak performance comes from the combination of the correct training and the correct fueling of the athlete. Learn both from an expert in the field of nutrition and exercise physiology.
  • Different sports and activities require different fuel sources and supplementation. By working with us you can benefit from the latest research in fueling athletes as well as from having access to and information about high quality sports and performance supplements.

Body Composition and Aesthetics

  • Many of us want to improve our physique and performance in different areas of life. Much of this comes down to the basics of sleep, exercise, diet, stress management and periodization/timing. These make up the foundations of Functional Medicine as well.
  • Getting the body composition and physique we have always wanted is not only achievable…it is scientific. Take charge of your body by learning how to do this the right way and the best way.
  • Additional support through botanicals, nutraceuticals, exclusive compounded peptides as well as hormone replacement therapy creates a perfect formula for your perfect physique.
  • We provide optimal medical care to maximize fat loss, muscle growth and skin aesthetics for your individual goals.

Compounding Pharmacy

  • We work with national compounding pharmacies to provide Patients with the highest quality and consistency on compounded and manufactured pharmaceuticals available in the marketplace today.
  • Simply stated, when Patients take higher quality pharmaceuticals they get better results with fewer side effects.
  • New England Center for Functional Medicine has worked diligently to find and foster relationships with these types of outstanding manufacturers.
  • With our connections we have exclusive access to newly released pharmaceuticals, cutting edge products, and peptides and secretagogues that can optimize your health in a way that standard Western medicine cannot.

Nutraceuticals & Botanicals

  • Part of the foundation of our practice is supporting the body with optimum nutrition. Sometimes, based on a person’s conditions or biology, nutrition from food is not enough.
  • For this reason, nutraceuticals and botanicals are a critical part of each Patient’s program. They are so critical in fact, Dr. Keroack. has traveled to various manufacturing facilities, seen these products being manufactured, talked with the scientists who formulate them, and has even made suggestions about how to modify and improve them based on his real life experience with his Patients.
  • Across the board, what makes the products Dr. Keroack recommends different from supermarket and drug store varieties is the extremely high standards of purity as well as the levels of potency within them.

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