Comprehensive Lifestyle Program

Our Comprehensive Lifestyle Program has been designed to help patients create a customized lifestyle program to meet their specific and unique needs in a concentrated amount of time. Together, Patient, Provider, and Lifestyle Educator, collaboratively develop a lifestyle program that addresses modifiable factors such as: sleep, activity, nutrition, stress, and community.

When Patients start their program, they are fully supported over a 12-week period. They begin new practices and behaviors to help them incorporate modified ways of sleeping, moving, eating, managing stress, and creating healthy and supportive communities. The fundamental difference in this type of program is Patients are fully engaged in the creation of their own plan and supported by a caring and highly trained team during the 12-week period.


  • 3 Appointments with our health care Providers
    ~ Initial assessment appointment (1 hour)
    ~ Two follow up appointments (1/2 hour each)
  • 5 sequential appointments with a Lifestyle Educator (1 hour each)
  • All supplements at a 10% discount (during the 12-week period)
  • All lifestyle appointments at a 20% discount (during the 12-week period)
  • Unlimited use of the lnBody body composition analyzer


  • A concentrated approach to making and maintaining lifestyle changes
  • A medically supervised and directed program
  • A professionally trained support team available to answer questions or lend support
  • VIP Patient status giving highest priority appointment scheduling
  • Access to a Lifestyle Educator up to 3 times per week via email or phone
  • Access to an online group of other program participants focused on making healthy lifestyle changes monitored and moderated by the NECFM team.


  • Program fee must be paid in full at the time of scheduling the first
  • All appointments must be made at the beginning of the program
    to guarantee scheduling availability.
  • Health Care Provider appointments are billed through insurance with
    customary co-pays expected at the time of the visit.
  • Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Lifestyle Educator sessions are not
    covered by insurance.
  • Refresher Lifestyle appointments are available at a 20% discount for up to
    one year for patients who complete the Comprehensive Health Program.
  • Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to Lifestyle Educator
    consultations or the full amount will be charged for the session ($100)
  • Missed appointments with Healthcare Practitioners without 48 hours
    notice will result in a $150 fee payable prior to rescheduling another
  • If the weather prevents patients from traveling to the office, Lifestyle
    appointments will be held via phone or virtually

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