Changing DirectionsDr. Keroack believes so strongly in this medical approach to balance and well being that he authored CHANGING DIRECTIONS: Navigating the Path to Optimal Health and Balanced Living, a pioneering work that blends traditional medicine and alternative medicine into the perfect balance of caring and healing that is his signature approach to healthcare. If you have realized it’s time for a change―a change affecting your health and vitality as a human being―then read Dr. Keroack’s book. You’ve already taken those critical first steps in identifying the need for a change, Christopher Keroack, MD, is here to assist you on your journey to optimal health. Learn how to achieve wellness from the inside out in CHANGING DIRECTIONS. Within the pages of this book you will learn to: Understand the balance of key factors related to foundational health, navigate the world of nutrition and supplements, plan meals that improve health, improve eating habits and digestion, reduce stress, and improve sleep. Dr. Keroack provides the information you need to begin the transition to a healthier, happier you. Now, it is up to you to turn around . . . and CHANGE DIRECTIONS.

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