New England Center for Functional Medicine

At New England Center for Functional Medicine, our team of experts, under the leadership of Christopher Keroack, MD IFMCP, has proven success in helping patients truly achieve optimal health. With our comprehensive lifestyle approach, we help you achieve your goals by customizing a plan for your unique and individual needs. Our advanced methods of lifestyle and functional medicine help maximize health for anyone. Click here to Get Started today!

Our Logo – The Triquetra

NECFM Triquitra LogoThe Triquetra is a tripartite symbol composed of three interlocking sections marking the intersection of three circles. Our personal logo is triquetra composed of the three primary colors of light. For us, this symbol represents the three essential aspects which exist within the human condition: The Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual. These three aspects are the focus of our approach to balance and wellness.

  • The Red represents the Physical part of our nature. Red is the most emotionally intense color. It represents the conflict we all have when our behaviors take us away from our goals and higher self.
  • The Green represents the Mental part of our nature. Green is easiest on the eye; it is calm and refreshing. It represents the calm renewing of the mind that is needed for achieving our goals and finding our higher self.
  • The Blue represents the Spiritual part of our nature. Blue is peaceful and tranquil and creates the opposite reaction to red. It represents the role that The Divine plays in our lives as we grow and change to become all that we are designed to be to reach our goals and meet our higher self.

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