New England Center for Functional Medicine

Christopher Keroack, MD IFMCP helps patients truly reach their full potential and optimal health by personalizing plans for each individual. His advanced methods of lifestyle and functional medicine help maximize health for everyone. Get started on the path towards reclaiming your health today!

“It is truly rewarding to see that the concepts of functional medicine are being successfully applied by physicians of the background, skill and dedication of Dr. Keroack for the management of complex health problems”

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Our passion for transforming lives begins with the heart and soul of an extraordinary staff.
Our extensive training and experience ensures that you will be on track towards better health.

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The Focus is YOU

New England Center for Functional Medicine models the healing process as a collaborative effort between the doctor and patient to create a customized plan to meet each patient’s specific needs. Our integrative and holistic treatment model focuses on the Mind, Body, and Spirit of the individual. We are deeply committed to empowering patients in order to create healthy and positive changes in all parts of their lives.

Tailored Programs

Our personalized approach addresses the modifiable personal lifestyle factors of sleep and relaxation, exercise and movement, nutrition, stress management and personal relationships.

Holistic Focus

Our functional medicine methods focus on the root causes of imbalances in the human body; not just detecting signs and alleviating symptoms. As medical practitioners, we endeavor to return to the true aspects of medicine: deep healing and optimal health.

Experienced Clinicians

Our physicians possess advanced medical degrees, specialized academic training and clinical experience from multiple years in the practice of Functional Medicine.