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Christopher Keroack, MD, IFMCP

Chief Medical Director & Chief Executive Officer

As a functional medicine physician, I know that optimal health and balanced living is a realistic goal for every human being at every stage of life. Because of this, I am dedicated to assisting my patients in reaching their full potential in order to pursue life to the fullest. I help guide patients through foundational and personalized approaches to health that focus on dietary guidelines, activity regimens, stress management and sleep management that are specifically designed for each patient. Each personalized health and wellness plan takes into account the five foundational imbalances: Nutrition, Metabolism, Inflammation, Detoxification and Oxidation.
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Lifestyle Education

Stacey Duquette

Lifestyle Educator

I have worked for over 25 years in the fields of Fitness, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Meditation. I am passionate about empowering people to understand and take charge of their own wellness and wellbeing. As a Lifestyle Educator, my role is to support patients’ implementation of their treatment plan and work with them to find ways to make the journey smooth, educational and joyful. In addition to her work at NECFM she maintains a massage therapy practice, teaches Yoga and Meditation and is on faculty with The Hard and The Soft Yoga Institutes Teacher Training Program at Heartsong Yoga in East Longmeadow.


Stacey holds a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts in Theater Arts and Dance. She is a registered Experienced Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500) and Continuing Education Provider. In addition is she is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Orthopedic Manuel Therapy and a Pilates Trainer.

Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep and Relaxation: I strive to maintain healthy sleep habits. However, with a busy family life and a thyroid condition that sometimes effects my sleep I sometimes struggle with getting the sleep my body needs. When I am low on rest, I try to carve out time in my day for a short nap or a restorative yoga practice. Meditation is part of my daily life that helps me feel centered and relaxed.
  • Exercise and Movement: I am a mover! I was a Contemporary and Jazz dancer since age 4. In my late 20’s I had many dance related injuries that lead me to Yoga, Pilates and eventually more outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing and paddle boarding. I am no stranger to the gym but, prefer to be outdoors and in nature as much as possible.
  • Nutrition: I prefer a plant based, gluten free diet. I maintain a flexible outlook on my body’s changing nutritional needs and appreciate the social aspect of gathering to break bread. When the holidays roll around or there is a special occasion I enjoy indulging a bit.
  • Relationships and Community: I live with my husband, 2 big dogs and am a hockey and baseball Mom to two active boys. We enjoy a very busy and active lifestyle together!

Saskia Coté, D.C.Ed, LMT

Lifestyle Educator

I was called to the Holistic Health field after spending time at the Light Institute in Galisteo, NM and have worked in the field for over 25 years. I have studied Craniosacral and Massage Therapy in both the Netherlands and the U.S. I guide my clients and classes, and run my business with the same energy and intention with which I approach the educational aspects of my work. I am excited to be a part of the team at the New England Center for Functional Medicine.


Saskia Coté graduated from Elfinstone College as a Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education. She is also an Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep and Relaxation: By nature I am an early riser, however my schedule is such that I often work nights. To help balance this I try and meditate daily, making time for silent relaxation.
  • Exercise and Movement: I’m not really a gym person and much prefer to exercise outdoors in whatever form that takes. I enjoy skiing, kayaking, walking, and hiking. I also have a love for kickboxing.
  • Nutrition: I mainly follow a Mediterranean diet with a focus on eating only complex carbohydrates. I keep gluten, dairy, and soy free as well. However, I am sure to follow the 70/30 rule and don’t beat myself up over going off of my nutrition plan.
  • Stress Management: I try to take a few minutes for myself each day to sit and be quiet. This often takes the form of meditation. I also get massages, make sure I exercise, and support my system with supplements that help manage stress.
  • Relationships and Community: Community involvement is very important to me. I serve on the on the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy of Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Board of Cancer Connection in Northampton, the Professional Advisory Board of the Manual Lymphatic Drainage Institute Int’l, and I volunteer at Square One in Springfield.


Sarah Lloyd

Chief Operating Officer

I have worked with Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer entities to help them grow and thrive for more than 30 years. My early training was under the Fortune 500 umbrella and then I crossed over to the consulting side and knew I had found my work “home”. In 1997 I had the incredible opportunity to incubate my own consulting practice for two years and then took it out on my own. Last year I joined New England Center for Functional Medicine as the COO. In its simplest form, I work with Dr. Keroack and the staff to continually improve the quality of our services and the health of our practice.


Sarah holds a B.S. from Springfield College and an Advanced Certificate in Marketing from the University of Hartford.

Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep and Relaxation: Sleep and Relaxation: I have always been a great sleeper and didn’t understand why people had problems sleeping. Then I entered the perimenopause stage of life and became enlightened. I’m naturally an early riser, so I go to bed pretty early, usually by 9:00 pm and get up between 5:30 am – 6:00 am. I’ve learned it’s better to follow my natural rhythm and if I want to go out for a late night I take a nap in the afternoon so I can rally.
  • Exercise and Movement: I love being fit and was an athlete as a child and teenager. I’m not a huge fan of the gym, but I do love walking, yoga, Pilates and kayaking. I try to do something every day to keep my body moving and feeling fluid.
  • Nutrition: As a patient of Dr. K’s I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and what works for me. I follow a gluten and dairy free diet; both of these food groups make me feel crummy. Otherwise I eat mostly a Mediterranean diet. I also know that I don’t do well with high fat foods, so I’ve learned a lot about timing treats. My favorite indulgence is French Fries or a Gin and Tonic. I enjoy every bite or sip and then just continue on my normal plan. (Dr. K. has also helped me learn about supplements that help my system when I do indulge and that’s a game changer!)
  • Stress Management: I’m working on getting better at managing stress. I prefer active relaxation/stress management techniques such as gardening, kayaking, and walking in the woods. I meditate daily. I’m a big fan of baths and go for a massage on a regular basis. Several years ago when my eldest child went away to school, I got my first dog. Having my very own dog has been truly life changing. No matter how a day has gone, she is always right there, happy to see me, snuggle, and be a constant unconditional companion.
  • Relationships and Community: I live with my husband and one of our two daughters and three dogs. (The oldest daughter is launched). We make time almost every morning to have coffee together. We take a few minutes to be together so, as we go off into our very full and busy days we’ve started out connected. We also have dinner together almost every night. Even if it’s only a few minutes long, it’s a good way to close the day. I am very blessed to have extremely close women friends. I make time to share time with these women on a regular basis. On the flip side, I know I need to balance social time with time alone in nature. I regularly spend time in the Adirondacks alone and go on mini retreats several times a year to recharge and rest.

Ellen Moody

Office Manager

I have been working in medical practices for the last 25 years as both the Office Manager and as well a Medical Biller. It’s my responsibility to make sure the practice runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.


Ellen holds an Associates degree in Medical Record Terminology.

Modifiable Personal Lifestyle Factors

  • Sleep and Relaxation: I try to maintain healthy sleep habits. With a very active life working, grandparenting, and socializing with friends, sleep doesn’t always come first!
  • Exercise and Movement: I try to keep moving and that doesn’t always happen in a “formal” way. I am very active all day long. I make sure that I’m not sitting for long periods at my desk and make a point of taking my dogs for walks almost every day.
  • Nutrition: I try to balance life with proper diet. This means eating breakfast even though I leave early for work, bringing a healthy lunch and making dinner most nights. My husband and I like to eat out at restaurants, so I try to make good choices when we’re out.
  • Relationships and Community: I live with my husband and two dogs. I spend a lot of time with my children and grandchildren, which I really enjoy. My husband and I love sharing time with friends and have a very active social life.

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